Level 1

A complete practice. Steady paced Vinyasa style, appropriate warm ups, some transitions, some challenges but nothing too complex. Beginner accessible. Fun and educational.

Level 2

This practice is more complex, deep, thorough. Steady paced Vinyasa based; the practice will include appropriate warm ups and progress into deeper territory either with more transition or flow or into more technical pose work, binds, twists, arm balances, inversions, deep back bends are all possible in this offering.

Yin & Restoratives

A healthy mix of yin and restoratives. This class will be cooler, slower and deeper, but make no mistake it has it’s own type of intensity. A fully grounded practice with props, modifications and long steady holds. Pranayama. Meditation.

Gentle Yoga

A steady, slow, beginner friendly practice, intended to move the body but not break a sweat.

Buti Yoga

A class designed for pure release. Be ready to move and sweat to thumping loud music. channel your divine feminine energy for this fun hour combining plyometrics, a modern twist on yoga asana and primal movements.