Nicholas began practicing yoga for physical fitness, but his interest soon deepened as he became fascinated by the powerful side-effects the practice seemed to have on his mind, especially in its ability to curb habitual behaviors, increase awareness, control the appetite, uplifting the mood, and many other benefits. As he continued to practice, life seemed to become rewarding, and challenges easier to overcome. Now, as a teacher, he enjoys sharing this practice with others, with the hope that it will benefit his students in a similar way.

Nicholas studied philosophy, psychology, and comparative religion at the Ohio State University before moving to Chicago, where he completed his yoga teacher training at the Zen Yoga Garage. After a lot of traveling and an extensive stay in the Caribbean, he has returned to Columbus. He teaches a powerful flow class, with an emphasis on warrior poses.  He also has a background in the Martial Arts, Qi Gong, as well as Zen style meditation, and may incorporate some of these arts into his classes.