An open invitation to own the geometry of your body. This practice gives you practical insights about your personal alignment and sensation. This hybrid style mixes flow & form.


Our guides will prepare a sacred space and provide our participants with the tools for successful meditation practice both guided and unguided.

Reset & Restore

A healthy mix of yin flow and restoratives. This class will be cooler, slower and deeper, but make no mistake it has it’s own type of intensity.

Structure & Flow

Structure meets vinyasa flow. Our structure practice with more pace and rhythm.

Free Forum

Friday night is for teachers. Whether you’ve been at this for decades of are still in training this class is for US oh, and it’s FREE. This unlead, free flow, think tank, is an open opportunity for us to connect. Scheduled monthly.

Pure Movement

Ecstatic movement and breath, a mix of kundalini and hatha. A liberating, productive practice aimed at working and moving through anything life throws at you.