Teacher Training

September 17, 2017

​What if Teacher Training was Yoga studying? What if training was more like exploring? What if training was more about discovery of self, of yoga, of culture, of community?

Yoga Teacher Training is wildly popular, but the expected results are off base. So many people want to study yoga, they want to participate in a training but hesitate because they don’t want to teach. Good news! What the yoga industry calls teacher training is 100% for YOU!


This started out as something I was in denial of, a dream I doubted and ignored. As my life evolved and the universe again and again nudged me forward, we are finally in a space of manifestation, of actualization and I am deeply humbled by the opportunity to live my dream and offer my beloved community; Tribe, it’s family. Here we celebrate all of our “whys” Our inspirations, our legacy, our dreams, our passions. (more…)